NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS -- A parent discovered a 42-inch western diamondback rattlesnake in a backpack left at a New Braunfels school bus stop Monday morning.

Though the snake is common in Texas, New Braunfels police say they doubt the snake crawled into the bag itself.

"The probability of a 42 inch rattlesnake snake jumping in a back pack that has nothing else in it school related wise is probably not the case," said New Braunfels Police Department Captain John McDonald. "It looks like someone intentionally left it there."

Authorities say they are still trying to locate the woman who called into the report.

The snake did not bite anyone, and was left in the care of the World Snake Farm, where it will remain until the investigation is complete.

"What struck this particular occasion as peculiar to me, this snake was found on a really cold morning. Snakes usually aren t out on their own in that kind of weather, said Jarrod Forthman, manager of the Snake Farm.

Forthman, who lost his thumb to a snake bite, says because people react to snake venom differently, a bite can turn deadly very quickly.

"When you bit, you immediately feel like you're on fire," Forthman said.

After the investigation, the snake will be released somewhere far away from people and homes.

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