PLANO - A caller threatening to have planted a bomb led to the second evacuation in less than two weeks at the Spring Creek campus at Collin College in Plano.

Collin College announced the Spring Creek Campus would be closed until 5 p.m. after the entire campus was evacuated Friday morning. According to Lisa Vasquez, a spokeswoman with Collin College, a person called the community college at about 10 a.m. claiming to have planted bombs across the campus.

Police brought in detection dogs and scoured the campus searching for explosive devices. Shortly before 2 p.m., the college announced that police found no evidence of explosives on the campus after completing a surface-level search.

The bomb threat was the second Collin College has received in less than two weeks. On February 21, the library of the community college was evacuated after a caller claimed to have planted a bomb at the site. Police swept the library and gave it the all clear hours after the call was made.

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