Parker County Assistant Fire Marshal Frank Watson was at home Monday night when he got a phone call that a nearby house was on fire.

Public information officer Joel Kertok said the dispatcher lost contact with the homeowner after she said she was trapped in her bedroom.

Watson recognized the homeowner as Terri Wood, whom he knew to be visually impaired.

The assistant fire marshal was the first on the scene, and was able to get into the house and guide Wood to safety. He said the smoke was so thick he could not see six inches in front of his face, Kertok said.

After safely pulling Wood out of the burning house, Watson was able to administer oxygen to the homeowner with supplies in his fire department vehicle, Kertok said.

Other Parker County firefighters arrived and were able to put out a fire that was caused by the stove being left on, Kertok said. The fire was contained to the kitchen s stove, oven and ventilation hood.

Wood was able to return to her home early Tuesday morning after the home had been aired out, Kertok said.

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