GARLAND Three weeks later, and the holidays are memories for most of us. But do you wonder what happens to those gifts you didn't want... and returned to the store?

Many of those items are now piling up in a Garland warehouse.

The sheer size of Liquidity Services Inc. isn't as fascinating as what's inside

"We have seen a spike in the numbers of returned TVs," said company spokesman Braheem Otunba.

Here you will find 110,000 square feet of gifts given last month, but returned unwanted.

"We have iPad 3s, 2s, and we also started receiving the iPad Minis," said Rod Johnston of Liquidity Services. "This is a frost-free refrigerator ... this here is a little window unit."

It all comes from large department stores and retail chains, including Walmart.

There are vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, furniture, 3D Blu-Ray players... even Christmas trees

And many of those iPads still have the protective film on their screens.

"Yeah, some of this comes with the original film where the customer didn't know how to work it, or it wasn't something they really wanted for the holidays, so they returned it," Johnston said.

"I didn't expect for us to see the iPad Minis and the fourth-generation iPads, but we are getting a fair amount of those in as well," Otunba added.

This is one of four warehouses of its kind across the country. Others are located in Indianapolis, Las Vegas and New Jersey. Each of them sort and then sell similar merchandise on the Internet.

You can bid on any of items at Most sell for 25 percent less than what you would pay at retail where they were sitting on another store's shelf this time last month.


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