GRAPEVINE People with flu-like symptoms are crowding clinics and hospitals across North Texas.

CareNow has extended its hours because of the number of patients showing up at its facilities looking for relief.

The waiting room at the Grapevine center was full when News 8 stopped by on Tuesday.

"This flu season to me is a lot worse than previous years," said Dr. Martin Jones, CareNow's regional medical director.

Dr. Jones said the number of cases has outpaced previous years. He's also seeing more complications tied to the flu, like pneumonia, strep throat, and sinus infections.

He's hoping the flu season has reached its peak, but where the virus goes from here, no one knows. According to health experts, the flu could continue to be a problem in January, February and March.

Jones believes people who haven't yet had a flu shot should still seek one out.

"The one thing that concerns me the most? The vast majority of all of our patients that are testing positive for the flu have not had the flu vaccine," he said.


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