Many make resolutions, but keeping them is a different story. In today s Tech Tuesday, GMT s Shannon Powell Hart has apps that will help you keep your resolutions.
While we should try to make life changing goals way before new years, it is easier said than done. So this is a good time to set a few and get some apps to help you keep things in order.
Here are five apps to help you keep your resolutions. AND they are all free on iPhones and Android phones.

1. The first one is Runkeeper. This is GPS driven and allows you to track your workouts. I have used the ole pad and paper or workout pad, but that is extra stuff in my workout bag. This is on my phone. I can check it anywhere as a reminder. I can view my progress...while I am on the treadmill.
You login, create a profile, and select activities such as running or swimming.
Create a goal. The app will recommend a training schedule.

2. Losing weight is always at the top of the resolution list. And that is where Lose It comes into play. This app is designed to help you lose weight by tracking calories and an easy way for you to chart your progress. Start by entering your current weight and then set a goal and how many pounds a week you want to lose. The app will crunch the numbers and spit out a daily calorie budget. For me to get rid of 11 pounds that I have packed on...I should be there by March.

3. Fooducate is an app for those wanting to focus on eating healthier. This app provides a unique way to track your nutritional choices. This will allow you to do two things. 1: scan bar codes on items to get the nutritional information. 2. Browse food categories to help make healthier choices.

4. The app Mint is a great way to organize your finances. This is a comprehensive solution to get it together. It starts with logging on and creating a budget. The app will reflect where you allocate your money. You can connect your bank accounts and credit cards and the app will do the rest.

5. This is one of my new favorites. This is my daily work TO DO list. I write it out each day or the day before. The app Wunderlist helps put it all together and now I can carry it around electronically instead of the number of steno notepads that I have. There are post it notes and other ways of keeping track of your life.


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