BENBROOK -- A tip from a concerned neighbor led Benbrook police to three men who police say beat and bound an elderly woman in her home.

At about 9:45 a.m. Monday, Benbrook police responded to a call in the 4000 block of Winding Way from a neighbor who said they saw a suspicious vehicle and a man jumping the fence at another home on the block. A responding officer saw a suspect jump out of the vehicle and run into a wooded area behind the home. The officer chased the suspect and called for backup.

Responding officers saw signs of a home invasion at the elderly woman's home and found her bound with duct tape inside. She told police she was struck by two males who entered the residence.

Officers searched the area and arrested the suspect who ran from the officer, then later Monday, detained and took two other suspects into custody.

The suspects are Eric D. White, 22, James Edward Burns Jr., 19, and Dvonte Dmarr Chadwick, 18. Charges against the three men are pending.

It makes me really angry. This is our stuff, said neighbor Sherry Carney. We worked hard and worked for a long time to build a life, and then for someone to come into our neighborhood -- it's just not right.

Residents in the Ridglea Country Club Estates have been on heightened alert following a string burglaries in the neighborhood. In fact, they said the woman who was attacked Monday had been robbed six months ago.

The home owner was treated and released at a local hospital.

It's the talk of the pool. It's the talk of the club house, Carney said. It's on peoples minds.

Jerry Singleton said it's proof neighbors have to look out for each other, because the police can only do so much.

We have got to be alert and watchful, Singleton said. Otherwise, this could go on with other groups indefinitely. So we need to do our job and pay attention to our environment.


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