HIGHLAND PARK Neighborhood complaints about noise from Love Field have skyrocketed since a new terminal opened in April, according to leaders in the town of Highland Park.

Because of the way the new terminal is laid out, pilots have greater flexibility in choosing which runway they feel is optimal for the conditions.In the last six weeks, critics say, more pilots are choosing the Lemmon Ave. runway over the Denton Dr. runway, putting more traffic over neighborhoods in Dallas and Highland Park.

We're getting all kinds of noise traffic out of Love Field, said Highland Park resident Judd Bradbury, a vocal critic of the airport noise.

He's not alone.Since the new terminal opened at Love Field, the town of Highland Park says noise complaints went from one or two a month to five to 10 a day.

Town Manger Bill Lindley said that, in an effort to get some relief from Love Field noise, it's hiring political operator and former Dallas County Judge Margaret Keliher to help find a solution.

We had a huge shift of air traffic in the neighborhood, Bradbury said.

From his computer, Bradbury tracks the loud planes and documents each with a complaint to the city of Dallas.It's the private planes at night that bother him the most.He says those flights are also on the rise.

It was all day, all night as well, he said.

A city of Dallas spokesman says the overall volume of traffic at Love Field is flat and that the Lemmon runway was closed for 60 days, reopening around the same time the new terminal came on line.

But the city could not tell News 8, with hard numbers, if more planes are opting to use the Lemmon runway.


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