BEAUMONT, Texas The 79-year-old victim of a gunman who opened fire at the Jefferson County Courthouse Wednesday morning was taking a friend to the VA Office when she was killed, family members said.

Minnie Seabolt died on the steps of the courthouse after police say Bartholomew Granger, a 41-year-old Houston man on trial for aggravated sexual assault of a child, went on a shooting rampage.

Seabolt s family was struggling Thursday to make sense of the crime.

I want everybody to know that he took a ray of sunshine away, and the amount of people that she has impacted, and will not have that love and that strength anymore, Deborah Holst, Seabolt s daughter, said.

I don t think she d have a grudge. I think she would just say, You know, it s my time to go. I m with my son, both my husbands, all her brothers and sisters that passed before her, Leslie Ross, Seabolt s granddaughter, said.

Though Seabolt was the only person who died Wednesday, three others were also shot.

Two of the victims have since been released from the hospital.

The other, Granger s 20-year-old daughter, remained in critical condition Thursday. Police said her father not only shot her multiple times, but also ran over her with his pickup truck.

She was a witness in his sexual assault trial, which was set to resume Wednesday afternoon.

In the wake of the 40-minute rampage, residents of Beaumont were in shock.

I think a lot of people are saddened that there were innocent bystanders ... just a tragic situation, Leslie Brown said.

Brown, who works inside the courthouse, said she ll never forget when the phone rang Wednesday morning, and she got the chilling message.

We got a call to lock everything down, because there had been a shooting, she recalled.

If that individual loses his mind or goes loco, no matter if it s here or Mayberry, it s gonna be the same reaction, Sylvester Lindsey, a Beaumont resident, said.

Now, the man police say is responsible for all of the horror is not only charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.

He s charged with murder.

Granger was being held in the Jefferson County Jail on $4 million bond.

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