DALLAS Hazardous materials experts have now determined the source of a bright green substance that was flowing into a drainage ditch emptying into White Rock Creek in North Dallas Wednesday afternoon.

The site is across the street from Medical City Dallas Hospital and near the intersection of Forest Lane and Park Central Drive.

Medical City confirmed to investigators that a fluorescent green dye was being used to test for plumbing leaks in the hospital's cooling tower No. 3. Workers used about a quarter of a gallon of the concentrated but entirely non-toxic dye.

First responders dammed the ditch where the tainted water was flowing from in an effort to keep more of it from reaching the creek, but once its exact nature was known, the dam was cleared and the green fluid was permitted to flow into the waterway.

A hospital spokeswoman said its workers did not realize that the fluid would wind up in a drainage ditch that emptied into the creek.

It is not lost on those responding to the incident that St. Patrick's Day is this Saturday, but this was evidently no prank.


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