DALLAS - It will take some time, but part of the allure of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is all the people it will bring to the west side of town. But people come in cars and trucks.

And those things have a way of impacting a neighborhoods, like Herbert Street.

We came here in 1946, said resident Eva Elvove. I was a mere child.

With that much history, it's hard not to be concerned about the future. Eva says too many cars and large vehicles barrel down her street.

She's worried the Hunt Hill Bridge will make it worse.

I don't want the street to become like Lovers Lane, Elvove sNEWaid.

Neither does the City of Dallas' urban planning partnership, called CityDesign Studio.

[We're] starting to think through, how can those actually be to the benefit of the existing community and not to the detriment? said David Whitley with CityDesign Studio.

Working with the neighbors like Eva, CityDesign came up with a plan that changes the roadway by essentially pinching its width to encourage drivers to slow down. The city will pick up the $187,000 dollar bill.

It looks nice, because you can also put some landscaping on it, Elvove said.

It will certainly change people's perception of how fast they can go, Whitley said.

It's new idea for Dallas, and possibly better than traffic humps, which tend to annoy the people who actually live in the neighborhood.


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