DeSOTO Visitors at Dr. Jacques Roy's DeSoto clinic Tuesday were turned away.

Inside was what prosecutors allege was a well-oiled operation, where the doctor and his associates forged documents and scammed the government.

Visitors were unaware that Roy has been accused of the largest case of medical fraud in U.S. history.

It wasn't what I was expecting at all, one woman told News 8 in the parking lot.

Prosecutors allege Dr. Roy's company, Medistat, defrauded Medicare out of hundreds of millions of dollars by offering home health certifications to hundreds of suspicious companies. Authorities allege those firms then billed the government for patient care that was never done or, in some cases, even needed.

At Roy's Rockwall home, neighbors spotted a car being towed Tuesday morning. Agents raided the house last year, but the full extent of the alleged crime did not become clear until Tuesday.

It doesn't seem like [Dr. Roy] at all, said neighbor Eric Bott. I mean, he's real open. That basketball hoop [in my driveway] is his he gave it to my son, just because they weren't using it any more. He's just a nice guy.

U.S. attorneys say even after they caught Jacques Roy this past summer, he continued defrauding Medicare. The 54-year-old doctor remains in jail and will have a hearing Wednesday to determine if he is a flight risk.


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