DALLAS - Thousands of files of domestic violence victims were found in the garage of detective Mickey East back in 2009. Cases he hadn t filed.

Among them, a Dallas woman who asked we not identify her, because she's still in fear of her ex-husband.

It just makes me angry, the victim said. Makes me upset that someone of his stature, someone that was put in that position to protect women and men, that he would just let this happen.

Police say East filed only a handful of cases since becoming a detective in 2005. No one noticed for more than three years.

We're out there thinking something was done and nothing was being done to protect us, she said. Very frustrating.

The victim we talked to was victimized again by her ex-husband as she waited for her case to be filed. The department now says there were 508 instances of re-victimization.

I would say to victims, please don't be discouraged, said Deputy Chief Sherryl Scott who now runs the Family Violence division. It's unfortunate this occurred, that we are doing everything to make sure this doesn't happen again.

When East was a detective, supervisors failed to check his activity. The department said that's changed. They now have software to monitor how many cases detectives are filing.

They've added more detectives in family violence and an extra supervisor.

We have to do this to get the trust back, to reassure them that we are taking cases seriously and give them some type of justice, Scott said.

Detective East decided to retire today. That's little consolation for victims who are still waiting for justice.

I just want to ask him, why would you do that? the victim said. Why would you not stand up for us, when that is what you took an oath to do?


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