IRVING Ever since Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett missed a chance to call a timeout in Arizona in December, critics have been questioning his ability to handle time management and call plays at the same time.

On December 4, quarterback Tony Romo spiked the ball to save a time out. Moments later, Garrett iced his own kicker by finally calling a timeout.

Last week, the Cowboys hired Bill Callahan, a former head coach in the league with the Raiders, to take some of the stress of Garrett's job. He was available for interviews at the team s headquarters at Valley Ranch on Thursday.

For now, Garrett will still be calling plays but Callahan will become the Cowboys offensive coordinator. He will also be in charge of the offensive line.

In the National Football League, everybody is into titles, said Callahan. I think titles are great for organization and for structure. But as Jason just mentioned, he will be the play caller and my job as an assistant coach, coordinator, however you want to deem it, is to serve the head coach.

With Callahan on board, Garrett said he hopes his job will evolve more and more into just being the head coach. He says he even envisions a day when he might not be calling plays.

Absolutely, absolutely, Garrett said. I think you get to a point where you say hey, I m going to turn that over to somebody else and you've seen that around the league at different times. That's just part of the process we'll go through. Our quarterback played awfully well this year. He had probably the best year of his career so there is a comfort level we want to maintain in that area.

The addition of Callahan means that for the first time in five years, Garrett is no longer the offensive coordinator and that in itself is a major change in the coaching structure for the Cowboys.


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