The Rams and Tampa Bay fire their coaches.

The Colts fire general manager Bill Polian.

And the Cowboys would be so much better if they would fire theirs.

Fifteen years now with a single playoff win. Thirty-two teams in the NFL, and the Cowboys are one of only seven that hasn't won at least two playoff games in the last 15 years.

The Cowboys are in a group now with Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Houston, Kansas City and Buffalo (and what a fine group of football teams that is).

Here's another number that should bother the apologists: Fifteen years, 240 regular season games, and the Cowboys have won half of them.

Seven playoff games, they've lost six.

That's 15 years of losing football. Blame all the players and coaches you want; I blame the man at the top, like most good organizations do.

Right up until about the end of the fourth quarter it really dawned on me that we probably weren't going to be in the playoffs, and that's a shame, because we've got a team in here that I think is good enough to play and play well, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters after Sunday's season-ending loss to the Giants.

I do find it just laugh-out-loud funny when I hear the apologists defending the record of Jerry Jones. Without former coach Jimmy Johnson calling the football shots, he's had a revolving door for coaches and players. They have failed miserably for 15 years now (unless you're happy with being better than six of the 32).

And I'm going to keep saying this until the apologists give me an answer: The general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most iconic teams in all of sports, and he couldn't get a job at any other team in any other sport.

They don't win, and they go into next year $20 million over the salary cap.

He overpaid for this team. Overpaid for a team that finishes 8-8.

The Cowboys general manager has the safest job in America. The only place in America where a general manager with that record would be safe.

He fires people who fail, except the one man in the one job he should fire.


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