I'm not sure why it is that the truly good among us seem to go early, but once again this week we were reminded that sometimes well meaning people are victims of the worst cruelty.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

A 27 year old is being held in that bizarre crash and shooting in Arlington earlier this week, but he's not the hero about whom I'm talking.

That's not who I'm talking about. As a matter of fact, that's the man police and witnesses say killed the person with principles in this incident.

The real man in all this was 18-year-old C.J. Robinson. Just a kid, only beginning his life as an adult.

And it was apparently a good start. Not so much financially - he wasn't wealthy - but he had a good heart.

So it was only natural when Wednesday in Arlington, seeing a multi-vehicle accident unfold before him, and hearing two twin toddlers crying inside the twisted SUV. C.J., like any real man or woman, ran to help.

The reward for his compassion: To be shot and killed, allegedly by the 27-year-old driver of the car with the kids inside.

C.J. was shot not because he knew the alleged gunman, but because he was first to arrive. First to help. First to give the gunman an easy target.

Lots of people saw C.J. die that day, but the alleged gunman in this case, whose name I refuse to mention here, is still innocent until proven guilty.

I'm not sure if he's had any second thoughts about the death of C.J., or another man killed in the wreck, Najee Nasir, or the injuries to the twin two year olds. I know only that his trial is ahead.

But C.J. Robinson's test came Wednesday, when he responded.

And though he lost his life, he passed with flying colors.

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