DALLAS - Nathan Garcia, 12, was doing what he loved - playing football. That was only a few months ago.

For him to go from one day being active, running around, playing football, said Nathan's father, Michael Garcia. And then overnight your world gets turned upside down...

Nathan was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and every day since has been a struggle.

It's been really rough, Mr. Garcia said.

Ten-year-old Dallas Current was born with a disease which makes him prone to illness.

He's always been a sickly child, said Dallas' mother, Michelle Current. Until the end of last year when he had something on his leg.

Dallas progressively got worse, eventually needing a liver transplant.

Both children are from California and both had only one wish.

I love the Cowboys and I wanted to see them in person, Dallas said.

Their dream: To meet some of the Dallas Cowboys and go to a game.

Three-time Super Bowl champion Darren Woodson also has a wish; To help children like Nathan and Dallas through his volunteer work with Make-A-Wish.

I can't imagine the plight and fear of what's going on, Woodson said.

Woodson, through his new company, Guidehop, auctioned off a tour of Cowboys Stadium - a unique look behind the scenes during a Cowboys game.

Mike Williams and his father won the bid. The proceeds went to Make-A-Wish to help the families.

When I see those kids smile and I see their eyes light up it just brings me joy, Woodson said.

The smiles from Nathan and Dallas, who is named after his favorite team, lit up the sidelines.

Seeing him smile bigger than Miles Austin's smile was a dream come true for me, said Danny Current, Dallas' father.

The children took pictures with some of the players and coach Jason Garrett before the Cowboys-Giants game.

Just made me and my wife really happy, Mr. Garcia said. At this tough time in the fight of his life, to put a smile on his face... It was exciting for us.

For one day, the families were able to put aside their worries. Both families believe miracles can happen - dreams do come true.

In this case, if you wish upon a Dallas Cowboys star.


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