Let me start by saying that there is no doubt in my mind that LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the country.

But that shouldn't matter. I was also convinced the Texas Rangers were a much better team than the St. Louis Cardinals. There was no doubt that the 18-0 New England Patriots were better than the New York Giants when they played in the Super Bowl a few years ago.

And is there any question that Oklahoma State is better than Iowa State?

Being better isn't good enough in sports, at least it's not supposed to be. LSU is better than Alabama, the Tigers have already proved that by beating the Tide in Tuscaloosa. But, in this case, being better is not good enough. Alabama will get their shot, no one else will. And, the better team might lose.

Nothing in mainstream American sports is more clearly flawed. The BCS system for deciding a college football national champion is ridiculous at best, fraudulent at worst.

There are some college football fans who defend the current system, but that defense is similar to the way Jerry Sandusky's lawyer defends his client, more out of duty than passion. Have you ever talked with anyone who says this system is perfect, that nothing should change or that college football has it just right? Neither have I, and defenders have just lost another bit of ammunition because the LSU-Alabama rematch proves that every week is not a playoff.

Rarely do sports fans have complete agreement on a subject like we do on this one. It never happens. We may not agree on the terms of the solution - whether four teams should make the playoffs, eight teams or more - but we all agree that the way they do it now is flawed.

The system will change. It's too stupid not to change. In 30 years, when we're explaining to our children how college football used to determine a national champion, they will cock their heads, look at us quizzically, and say, 'Wait, why didn't they have a playoff?'

But, change will take time because college football holds us hostage. If we could somehow mobilize and boycott watching the games on TV and at the stadiums, things would change immediately. But, we can't; the games are too good. No matter how much we hate how Alabama got picked to play in the national title game, we will watch. It's too good of a game.

Late on January 9, the BCS will crown a national champion, and that team will forever have its named etched into the history of college football. When the system changes, the names of the past champions won't. And the names of the teams that should have gotten a chance will be forgotten.

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