FRISCO - Until today, anyone who wanted to go ice skating in North Texas had to find an indoor rink.

For the first time in more than a decade, skaters can now skate outdoors in Frisco. Skaters are getting into the spirit of the holiday season, without seasonable temperatures.

68 degrees isn t exactly what you'd expect for ice skating. But the folks who built an outdoor rink at Frisco Square say it doesn't matter.

I think it's long overdue, said Pierre Panayi, a former world-champion figure skater. I often travel to cities throughout the U.S. this time of year, and everybody has an outdoor rink. It's time for North Texas to have one.

The Lassiter sisters are thrilled. The only time they've skated outdoors is on plastic, synthetic ice.

It s awesome, Emma Lassiter said. It feels a little weird because you're outside. You're used to inside ice rinks. But it's awesome,

Emma s sister, Hope, agreed.

It's better skating outside because you can feel the coolness when you feel really hot, instead of being all cold, she said.

It's no easy task keeping ice frozen when it's more than 30 degrees above freezing. A 150-ton chiller solved that problem.

Whether it's 85 degrees or 35 degrees, that ice is going to be hard, said Jim Leslie, a Frisco Square spokesman.

The price of admission is $10 per person, per day, including skate rentals. The rink is located at the Southwest corner of Main Street and Coleman Boulevard. It will be open until Jan. 8.

But Frisco Square officials say they hope to make it an annual tradition.


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