ARLINGTON Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and CEO Bill Lively were among the dozens of Super Bowl XLV Committee members who met for the final time at Cowboys Stadium on Wednesday.

Like a team reminiscing about a major victory, they seemed a little nostalgic that it was all over.

Their final report said the committee spent $4 million less than anticipated. The committee funded its bid through sponsorships and an estimated $23 million from the Texas Major Events Trust Fund.

So far, the Trust Fund under the stewardship of the state comptroller has given $20.5 million to the committee, and may contribute another $2.6 million pending final review of expenses.

If that additional money comes in as expected, the Super Bowl effort will come in $4 million under its original budget.

If that happens, we will leave some money in our bank, Lively said. We will allocate out to various charities in our region.

And some of that surplus cash may be used as seed money for another North Texas Super Bowl bid.

In addition to cash, the committee is leaving a kind of how-to manual for another committee to pull off the big game. Lively said it's a blueprint for what's been called the biggest regional Super Bowl effort.

At each committee member's chair for Wednesday's meeting was a a how-to lite version: Super Bowl Texas Style, a book commemorating the game.


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