The quiet revolution that started as the Arab spring has been wonderful to behold.

But it is step one - the easiest step - to becoming a free people.

It s this week's uncut commentary

A marvelous thing has happened in Libya. The fall of another false potentate and hopefully the rise of a new, more free nation.

Muammar Gadhafi's end had to happen this way. After four decades in power and sucking his country dry, before turning on his own people in the end.

Tonight, free Libyans rightly celebrate.

But Libya, as well as Egypt and Tunisia, the other nations where this all began last spring, should know the heavy lifting comes now.

Political innocents using cell phones and social networks as weapons sparked the political fire that brought down Gadhafi, Mubarak and others.

You may have noticed we heard praise for Libyans from nearly everyone yesterday, except Iran's Ahmadinejad.

Now the forces allied against a free Libya are more subtle. Not just the army or police, but the politically ambitious left behind. They are scheming even now to install themselves as ruler.

Already we hear charges of racism and abuse by the new forces in Libya and riots in Cairo.

It is not enough to be free. You have to defend it for others, with the understanding that the old saying is true: injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Equal treatment, educating women and freedom of religion are good starters. They're not traditional ideas in the region, but tradition ended yesterday.

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