Insider Saver Laura Thornquist has money saving ideas that are just in time for the holidays.

One of the biggest trends for the upcoming holiday season is layaway.
More and more people are doing it this year.
On Monday, Walmart is bringing back layaway for Christmas.
You will need to put down 10 percent of your purchase of toys and electronics over $50. Items on layaway must be $15 or more. You will have to pay a $5 service fee for layaway.
Offer is good in stores only through December 16.

Also on their Facebook page, you can find your specific Walmart rollbacks and match them up with coupons on my database to stretch your savings.
Walmart deals vary so much from location to location, that this is a great option for you.
And check out Walmart's Top 20 Holiday Toys - you can find this complete list on my website.
Here's a hint: Mattel's Monster High and Hasbro's Easy Bake oven are on the list.

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