FORT WORTH - Walter Pinckney found out his daughter was missing when he saw it on TV. He immediately began the drive from Frisco.

I honestly didn't think she was going to make it home because of what happened yesterday, Pinckney said.

Pinckney was talking about two children police say were abducted and murdered by their father in Dallas Monday, but this story would have a happier ending.

Four-year-old Dasia Pinckney was found safe at a home on East Baltimore Street in Fort Worth around 5 p.m. Charles McDonald, the alleged kidnapper and her mother's ex-boyfriend, was under arrest.

More than two hours later, Pinckney stood in the parking lot of Dasia's mother's apartment complex, waiting for his daughter. He was ready to take her away from everything, to his home in Frisco.

Silent tears ran down the child's cheeks. Pinckney bundled her into the car, ready to do what he can to do -- what dads do -- make everything better.

[I'll] probably run her a hot bath, let her play video games, Pinckney said. Just going to hold her.


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