DALLAS Meet Billy Ravkind. He is John Wiley Price's lawyer.

Even though no charges have been filed against the controversial Dallas County Commissioner, Ravkind is ready to fight for him.

He's already hired his own investigators.

We've brought in forensic people to look at every one of his transactions from beginning to end to tell me if there is something wrong, Ravkind said.

The attorney is denying reports that claimed he said the government agents searching Price's home found $100,000 there in a safe.

That's not true, Ravkind said, and that's all he would say about the search of Price's Oak Cliff residence.

If there was money in his house, I'm telling you we can account for it, Ravkind said. If it was there. I'm not going to confirm it was there; I'm not going to deny it was there.

Ravkind says that normally when the FBI conducts a search, it leaves a copy of the search warrant behind.

But after two days of asking, the government hasn't yet produced the document for Price's house; only the ones for his office, car and his assistant's home.

Without a proper warrant, anything seized from the house might be inadmissible as evidence; that's why Ravkind won't talk about cash on TV.

I'm not here to forgive the government if they didn't have a warrant; that s not my job, Ravkind said. I won't have to talk about anything they have in the house if they don't have a warrant.

Price's attorney expects eventually there will be a warrant, indictments... and a trial. Job One is doing his own investigation of his client.

We have retained two forensic groups, and that's their job not to tell me what I want to hear, but tell me what the records show. That's going to be the cars, the real estate... everything I've heard about.

Then the defense can really begin.


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