A: A couple of things. Why don't you wear more modern clothes? You re too beautiful to wear old women's clothing! I m also asking you to ask Delkus to wear his coat when doing any sort of weather broadcasting. He's not at war with the weather and I know it s not that hot in the studio!
Q: You think I look frumpy, huh!? I have to walk a fine line of wearing fun clothes, while still looking professional. The set is not a runway, but I do try to look cute! Sorry it's not working for you. I will ask Pete about his coat!

Q: How does one become a Weather Team Volunteer?
A: You can email if you want to help. Leave your cell phone number and home phone. You have to be willing to share rainfall amounts, snowfall amounts, pictures, any type of weather data you can get your hands on. Storm spotters are different, they have to be pre-screened before going on air. But either way, email Pete to get started!

Q: Where is Alexa Conomos? Miss her.
A: She is on from 4:30-7 everyday on News 8 Daybreak. She no longer anchors the noon show in order to be with her kids during the day.

Q: Channel 8 is the only major Broadcast stations I cannot receive on either of my two HDTV sets. Both are Digital sets, and I used an Amplified HDTV Indoor Antennae.
I purchased the Antennae on Jan 28, 2011 from Radio Shack. Do you know if there is anything I can do to be able to reach ABC channel 8 without purchasing cable TV Service?
A: I just asked our engineer team. They say Channel 8 and 52 are the only ones in the market using VHF. That means you can use the antennae, it should work, but you need one OUTSIDE your house. They say buy the old school antennae that looks like an arrow, that one works best. Amplifiers, by the way are bad, they also amplify noise that can interfere with your signal.

Q: Shelly, This questions is probably not for you, but I don't know where to send it! I am with the band, Lost July, and would like to know where I need to go to try and play the morning spot on Good Morning Texas. I have tried to navigate through the site, but am not successful. Please help!!!
A: You need to contact Marc Kravitz, who is the show's executive producer. Try

Q: First off Very beautiful young lady you are! And I do love the jewelry you make! I make it too, I am silversmith. Here is my question, do you ever think you will buy other jewelry? And if so could I show you my things? I am a single mom and do this to help ends meet. And maybe I could bless you with something.
A: Send me your website or a picture or two. Try I can't promise I can buy something, I am on a tight budget these days thanks little Hutcheson. Diapers, food, toys, it does get out of control!

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