Q: First, you are one of my favorite news reporters My question is: Do you think our education system will ever be the same after this crisis subsides?

A: Things are changing, and it s scary, no doubt. We need to wait to see where the dust settles before jumping into full panic mode. But I am alarmed by the teachers being laid off. Education is the foundation of this country, and if we re going to compete globally, our kids need top notch educations. I think parents will have to double their involvement, create more fundraisers, etc, to keep things going. As a parent now, I worry about this daily, and my son is only 8 months old.

Q: How close were you and Ashley Estell, the 7-year-old girl, who was kidnapped and murdered in 1993? Because I remember you did a story about the anniversary (15th, I believe) of her kidnap/murder and mentioned that you knew her.

A: Our families are still very good friends. I remember my dad coming home after searching for Ashley, and it was the very first time I saw him cry. He was so angry. I remember right before the horrible incident, Ashley came shopping in my closet. I had outgrown a lot of stuff, and she was fitting perfectly and beautifully in everything. The story I did, that you remember, is a book honoring Ashley. In there is an illustration of her wearing a jean jacket. Ashley s mom was the one to reming me that jacket was from my closet. They are an amazing family with a lot of courage and love.

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