DALLAS Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant isn't talking about his mounting legal troubles.

Bryant signed an $8.5 million, five-year contract with the Cowboys last year. He is now facing more than $800,000 in debt and lawsuits.

While Bryant is laying low, people who know him are talking about whether he's financially sound... and if his team should be concerned.

Dez Bryant's advisor, David Wells, told ESPN on Wednesday that his client is in a dark place. But he said Bryant is getting advice from people close to him.

Wells went on to say that Bryant is tired of his name being thrown out in the media, and he wants to get past all this.

Former Cowboys star Deion Sanders was once a mentor for Bryant. He talked about the troubled athlete Wednesday on ESPN 103.3 FM.

Sanders said he hasn't talked to Bryant for about a year after their relationship soured.

Sanders went on to say he would rather deal with Pacman Jones, who had his own problems with the Cowboys and has a troubled past with the law.

There are some personal things that I can't comment on that if I could, you'd understand, candidly and vividly, Sanders told ESPN. But Pacman and this is not taking a shot at Dez Pac is a very straight up, honest kid. He really is. He's made a plethora of mistakes, but if Pac says 'this' it is 'this,' and he owns up to it.

Bryant has been training in Lousiana, but is expected back in the Dallas area soon. Bryant's advisor says there is a plan in place for him to deal with the lawsuits and the money owed so he can go on to focusing on football.


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