There's been some debate in our newsroom and I'm sure among others about the significance of some of this week's major stories. But, there is one whose level of cruelty simply cannot be ignored. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

She was only two and didn't live to see a 800 sunsets. Jazmine Howard is gone. That face avd smile was worthy of so much more than she endured.

Jazmine was first reported to have drowned. Later, police said they discovered Jazmine had been dipped in a hot liquid. The suspect is now in custody.

In May 2001, a man called his ex-wife to let her hear him murder their children. He's now on death row. Then there's the recent case of the Parker County woman tortured for 13 days. The depravity of these cases should not elude us.

They are not your average every day crimes. They are wisted minds at work with pure hate.

Who commits them and why? It has nothing to do with race as everyone's represented. It's not related to income as the death row inmate previously mentioned was from Park Cities. Also, it's not just city people as there is nothing urban about Parker County.

So, why the anger? Experts have their ideas. I don't have any.

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Why The Anger? Your appeal for comment. Who s to say? Nobody knows the answer any better than you and I. Some people are treated badly in their childhood, and as a consequence treat others badly as they become adults. Other people, perhaps those who grow up in privilege, never learn the lesson that the rules apply to them too. They re allowed to believe they re better than the rest of us, and they grow up thinking the law doesn t apply to them . . . or they won t get caught . . . or they have enough money to get out of any predicaments they get into. Who s to say? If we could all just live by the golden rule J. Let s just add an old African proverb in there too . . . it takes a village to raise a child. If we start em out right, and work to keep em on track as they get older, then they ll be right when they re ripe.

Dye In Our Food My appeal for comment
Tonight there was a piece on the national news that I wish all the local broadcasters would assign to a reporter for an in depth examination. The dye that s added to almost all our foods universally contributes to the ADHD phenomenon. There s really a sub-issue here as well: teachers think if they can get their students medicated, that all the behavior problems will be eliminated . . . but that s not what I want to rant about.
1. The dyes aren t necessary, but food makers add them to make their product look better than the next product on the shelf. Then all their competitors add the dye just to keep up with the Joneses.
2. The dyes they use are cooked up by chemists, and aren t found in nature they don t belong in our food.
3. We at least should be given a choice. The food packagers have a choice either use a man made chemical or use something natural. These cooked up chemicals should be banned from the food supply.
4. We shouldn t have to pay the sometimes unreasonable price asked for so-called organic foods, but rather mass food packagers should offer an alternative with food colorings that occur in nature and don t give our children ADHD or any other health problems.
5. If this issue gets enough press, the food packagers will feel the pressure and make changes.
6. The change won t happen unless it s grass roots in every broadcaster s station, and it s up to the press to exert the pressure.


You said that you have no idea what causes the pure evil we see all around. Read in the bible Revelation 12:10-12. There in a nutshell is your answer. We are living in what the bible calls the time of the end when the Devil is doing his utmost to stir up evil and wickedness in the world before he is imprisoned in the abyss.( Revelation 20:1-3) Anyone who thinks that the world is not going from bad to worse is only fooling themselves.Religion as a whole is no force for good. In fact the religions of the world are a big part of the problem. They condone the decay in morals whichin turn undermines goodness and the result lets evil grow nearly unchecked.
God's word has all the answers if one just has a little help.The churches should be that help but have instead been led astray by the traditions of men. Most people use religion more as social group than as a teacher of God's will. Surely in your position you can see what religion professes to be and whatit truly isin fact.

After 38 years in ministry, 22 as a pastor and study of the Bible I believe I have your answer.You even used it in commentary tonight (mankind) IS TOTALLY DEPRAVED due to Adams fall in Genisis chapter 3. Man is inherently evil and the sin he commits is a normal ocurrance,even though some acts or more henious than others. We are all capable of such acts, ALL mankind needsa heart change.See John 3:3;16,Romans 3:23;6:23 and Romans 10:9-10.

Like you I too am sickened by the crimes that happen in our everyday lives. So much has changed since I was a child. I remember those days when I could ride a bike to White Rock Lake to fish with my younger brother, or stay out after dark with other kids in my neighborhood. Now my children are not allowed to go outside unless one or both of us are outside to ensure that all is well. WE take them to the park to enjoy the playground, and I often wonder if the other people there do as I do and watch everyone with scrutiny as they take watch over their young ones. Yes, it is a different world we live in where more and more evil is tolerated in our society. Take your pick as to what we are served on a daily basis, from drunk drivers killing innocent people on the streets, drug cartels beheading their competition, to would be step fathers hurting even killing a child that is not theirs. I often find myself asking if there is a God, how could he let such things happen. Somewhere,somehow we took a step off the beaten path and have somehow ended up as nothing more than rabid animals..

Thank you for asking what how could someone possibly do such horrid acts? I know that our world is full of hate and selfishness because they do not have the Love of Christ!!
If you accept Jesus as your personal savior and choose to practice Love,Joy,Peace,Longsuffering,Kindness,Goodness,Faithfulness,Gentleness,Self-control , then you wouldn't do these acts.
People can't live in this evil world without Gods love or they will give their mind over to evil !!

Hi Mr. McCaa - I believe that we've willfully and forcibly turned away from God.
I imagine that people who don't have an understanding of the benevolence of God's love for us, through his son Jesus, have difficulty respectfully, thoughtfully and lovingly dealing with others. If you're anything like me, you notice how things continually get worse. Is it a coincidence that we continually keep pushing God further and further out of our lives, and ridiculing the faith and ideals of Christianity? I believe there's a certain and undeniable connection between the two. Just my two cents.
*And I realize this probably will not make it on the air, due to standards, practices and regulations. I can't help but point out the irony of that, and notice how it painfully backs up my thoughts.

Mr. McCaa, thank you for your comments aired on today at the 6:00 hour regarding the heinous crimes committed by some. In response to your question about why these individuals commit the crimes they do, I certainly do not profess to know the answer. However, from listening to experts in mental health, etc., I can only assume that these people snap in such a way that they don't care about what's wrong and what's right, and/or they lack control of their emotions and actions, Of course, some definitely have mental disorders, such as some of the mothers with postpartum depression who kill their own kids. Certainly, all of us get angry at one point or another where we want to hurt someone, but the difference between us and these criminals is that we control our emotions and find a constructive outlet with which to deal with our anger and keep from hurting someone.
If there is any silver lining in these horrors, it is the fact that there are far more good people in this worldthan bad. Your publicizing of good acts (e.g. Rachel's commitments) and similar projectssupport this fact.
In any event, keep up the good work and don't give up hope.

Anybody who would deliberately harm a child is PURE EVIL. Plain and simple. They are demented, twisted, evil people.

I am anticipating your msg. We went wrong at the point when we no longer recognized the value of a single human being. When life ceased to have value, we could kill the unborn, attack old people, rape, and murder. You can do anything when humans have no value. Now, that even includes defenseless animals. Man's inhumanity to man has gone completely out of control!


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