On the field, the Dallas Cowboys bask in the glory of being called America's Team.

Off the field, there's a management team working to build on that glory: Gene and Jerry Jones' children, Stephen, Charlotte and Jerry Jr.

Charlotte Jones Anderson is executive vice president of brand management and president of charities for the team.

I would say all of us are extremely competitive, she said. We have been that way for a long time. We don't play board games well together, but when we get into the board room, there is an enormous amount of respect.

Football fans may be most familiar with Stephen Jones as the Cowboys' chief operating officer and director of player personnel. We see him by his father's side at training camp and on draft day.

It's a life Stephen and his siblings never imagined.

I was working in Fort Smith in the oil and gas business. I was an engineer in college thinking that was going to be my life, he said.

I think at that point it's the only underestimation my father has ever said to me in all the years of growing up: It might change our life 'a little.' Ah, it changed it dramatically, I think, Charlotte added.

After graduating from law school, Jerry Jr. was the last to join the Cowboys' management team. He's executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer.

Junior was a freshman in college when the senior Jones bought the team in 1988. The media firestorm that followed hurt.

Those tough times, the times of people saying things. All he is wanting is to do his best for the Dallas Cowboys, and I don't think you can ask for more than that, Jerry Jr. said.

Junior said of the three siblings, his sister is probably most like their father. We are all driven; I think she is probably the most like him.

Channel 8's Dale Hansen has been known to make a critical comment or two about Jerry Jones and the way he runs the Cowboys. Does Charlotte ever feel like she might want to give him a punch?

All the time! she said with a laugh. Then, looking directly into the camera (but still smiling) she said this: I will get you!

Charlotte, Stephen and Jerry Jr. all agree on one thing: None of them will get to take the reins of the team from their dad anytime soon.

I'm going to have to outlive (him) if I'm ever going to be in that position, because he will do that until he's ten toes up, Jerry Jr. said.


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