The Cowboys found a way to win an ugly game in their season finale' against the Eagles, and Jason Garrett has apparently found a way to convince Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that he can take the word interim off of Garrett's title.

When Jones was asked if his new head coach would have input in deciding his coaching staff, Jones said, he'd have to get Jason's input on that. Oops. Dead give away. As if we didn't all see it coming.

Garrett won five of eight games while picking up the pieces left in the wake of Wade Phillips firing. The fifth win coming thanks to Stephen McGee putting together a last minute drive hitting tight end Jason Witten for the game-winning touchdown at Lincoln Financial Field. It was 14-13 win devoid of pretty much any entertainment and itt didn't say much about this team other than they once again hung in there and found a way to win.

While Jones hasn't made Garrett's long-term future official, you get the sense the leaders on this team know what's coming, and they're on-board.

I know Jason has my full support, said quarterback Tony Romo after the game. I think he's been great here and he continues to show that he's can do a great job. Its easy to look at wins and losses but its bigger than that. Its about coming in and putting your stamp on the team and getting things done a certain way.

Linebacker DeMarcus Ware tallied three sacks and returned a fumble for a touchdown against the Eagles. After the game, he signed off on Garrett, as well, I think it would be a positive for this team because its in-house, he knows the players, he knows what's going on, and the players are behind him.

Once he took over mid-season, Garrett made it a point to try and change the culture at Valley Ranch. From dress codes to schedules, and even adding digital clocks, Garrett brought with him a more disciplined approach.

Its a difficult position to come in and try to change certain things you want to change, said Romo. Its not always easy, but I think the team handled it well Jason did a great job. He does a great job in front of the team getting his message across. I think guys responded to a lot of things and it will continue to be on that rise going forward.

He has a plan and he does a great job of making that plan clear and giving us our best chance to be at our best - coaches and players on Sunday, said Witten. I believe that he can make us winners and he can do it in a timely fashion where we have success soon.

And soon we'll see if Witten's got it right.

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