DALLAS- It's a one of its kind program in Dallas, and the kids participating are having a ball. However, the Salesmanship Club's Therapeutic After School Program is more than just fun and games.

Many of the children have limited after-school options because of their behavior. Some are truant, suspended or show a lack of interest in school. The 12-week program targets children who have emotional or behavior issues.

I'm not how I used to be, said 12-year-old Troy. People were like, 'Oh, he's doing bad.' Now, people say, 'You're doing a good job.' Good job, yeah. They tell me that.

The program, which places a heavy emphasis on family involvement, uses hands-on learning activities and gives the kids a safe place to practice social skills in a group setting.

At graduation, we're noticing families leave out of here with more confidence, said Fred Lines, director of the Therapeutic After School Program. Definitely better communication between everybody. Kids are leaving feeling a lot better about themselves.

The Therapeutic After School Program serves about 70 kids and their families during the school year and offers weekly family night with dinner and parenting classes.

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