DALLAS - Today's Our Neighbor gets an A+ for the work they're doing outside of class.

It's a group of SMU students who are taking some elementary school students under their wings.

Twice a week, a group of students from Southern Methodist University spends 45 minutes of one-on-one teaching time with students at Harrell Budd Elementary in Dallas.

I do this because I know that the foundation for learning is reading, Toni Lacy said.

I like it a lot because you get to learn math and reading, said Leon Melendez.

As part of The Master of Education with Certification program, these young teachers don't just show up to this classroom because they have to.

The reward is seeing him grasp the concepts. He's understanding that these letters and words put together have meaning, Lacy said.

Budd Elementary is a Title 1 school, meaning the kids come from high poverty. The SMU students here say everyone of these kidsis capable of learning, just like anyone else.

The principal says these student teachers are making a tremendous difference with the children, and have a sincere desire to help.

If you can't read, you're not able to do math problems or learn about current events. You're not even able to read a street sign to know where you're going, said Lacy.

Because of the investment these SMU students are making for children at Harrell Budd Elementary, we name them today's Our Neighbor.


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