SAN FRANCISCO - A Fort Worth mom and daughter were on an emotional journey at last night's Rangers game.

Tensof thousands of fans joined the game. But for two longtime Rangers fans, entering the World Series, is especially meaningful.

Pam Horstman and her daughter, Nikki, are making this a mother-daughter trip.

It's so emotional. It's exciting. It's something that you never dreamed that you would experience, said Horstman.

As Pam and Nikki climb to their seats, they think of Pam's husband and son-Nikki's dad and brother, big Rangers fans killed in a plane crash in 1995, while on a fishing trip.

My husband and son are emotionally with us, said Horstman. It's an exciting experience to be able to represent them in the Rangers World Series because they can't be here, but they are with us in mind and heart and spirit, she added.

They would be super excited. They were bigger fans than we were, said Nikki Prochazka.

Pam's son, Scott, worked for the Rangers.

For this World Series, Horstman is clutching Scott's glove, hoping to catch a home run ball.


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