ARLINGTON There has been an exciting update on a story broadcast last night on the News 8 Update at Ten.

A faithful Rangers fan, who's waited 38 years for today, didn't have a ticket.

Les Miller of Duncanville started his wait at the Rangers' first home game in 1972.

Today, he learned that Channel 8, with the help of an anonymous donor, is treating him and his wife to the very best tickets tonight. The tickets are for seats right behind first base.

I am going to witness something that has never happened before, in my lifetime or the Rangers' lifetime, he said. If they win tonight it will be the icing on the cake but if they don't win this American League pennant, I still have a wonderful cake that I can look back and cherish.

Miller and his wife, who live on a fixed income, couldn't have afforded the tickets.

Miller was diagnosed with cancer six years ago which has now spread into his bones.

He said yesterday that doctor told him that cancer remains in remission.

He and his family are so excited with the news that they have tickets, that they are not even going home. They are spending the rest of the day getting something to eat, going round the shops and taking it all in.

Channel 8 will be following Miller this evening.


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