FRISCO - Spotting a big cat is not unusual in North Texas.

This summer, bobcats caused alarm at Union Station in downtown Dallas and at the Bent Tree Country Club in Dallas.

While bobcats rarely attack humans, there was something about the latest sighting in the Starwood neighborhood in Frisco that alarmed parents.

Adam Byrd, his wife and three kids were in their living room watching television when they spotted a big bobcat in their backyard.

When you see an animal that's twice the size of you're children, you're a little bit concerned, he said. I can tell you that.

Byrd grabbed his Flip camera, went out into the yard and started shooting video. The large bobcat seemed startled at first, but slowly made its way across the yard.

There are rabbits everywhere, so I can see why they come into these yards, but it was frightening, he said.

The Byrds have a three-year-old child and two-year-old twins.

The big bobcat jumped effortlessly onto the top of a six-foot high wooden fence. After looking back at Byrd, he jumped down and walked off.

What would happen it it came across our child? he said. You just don't know. It's a wild animal and wild animals do wild things.

Byrd's glimpse of the bobcat wasn't the first sighting in Starwood. While there have been no reports of attacks on humans, wildlife experts say it's always smart to be cautious.


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