Whoever said crime doesn't pay never attended an auction like one scheduled for Saturday morning in Tarrant County. It's a chance to bid on goodies enjoyed by drug dealers, until the government seized their assets.

I'm all about this one, says one young man, sliding behind the wheel of an SUV. There's also a nice little Porsche. The previous driver likely isn't living in the fast lane these days. Tarrant County auctions off seized items once or twice a year. The last one brought in about $400,000.

We need a letter of credit from your bank, or cash, says Tarrant County purchasing agent Jack Beacham. We don't take credit cards. The bids are preset. They start at $1.

They start at $1. Who knows where they end. But it's usually just a couple hundred bucks for a decent used computer. Maybe a few dollars more for a flat screen TV. A whole lot more for a Rolex.

You wouldn't think this is what you'd find here, says hopeful buyer Brian Minter. Usually see police cars, old beat up vans. There's some nice Acuras here.

Minter says he's just looking for something practical with low miles. He might find it, along with Harleys, sport bikes, ATVs and even saddles. The county is also selling off some large industrial mowers and trailers. They were used and maintained by Tarrant County crews.

Minter was impressed. Never been to one of these before. Might get a decent deal.

He also took a look at the shiny Cadillac Escalade. Ironically, it was just named the most frequently stolen vehicle in the country.

You can view the items starting at 8a.m. Saturday. Bidding starts at 9 a.m. at the North Texas Rodeo Association/Windy Ryon Arena, 5875 N Main Street in Saginaw. The website to look at

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