Thursday's Our Neighbor is helping alcohol and drug addicts make a permanent change in their lives.

What WFAA saw at Solutions of North Texas was a group of caring people who truly want to help, but they can't do it alone and need your support.

Solutions of North Texas is a sober-living campus for alcoholics and drug addicts who are finally making an attempt to change.

Scott Wisenbaker was hooked on drugs for years until he entered a 12-step program to stop. Now, he uses his experience to help others.

When men and women come to me, they have to work in society, Wisenbaker said. They have to get a job and pay their own way, which they can do on a minimum wage job. But, it's our belief that until they learn how to stand on their own two feet out there in the community, they're never gonna stay sober.

Most everyone who works at Solutions is a recovering alcohol or drug addict. So,when people walk through their doors asking for help, they're speaking with someone who truly understands what they're going through.

Residents are provided a number of different resources, including transitional housing, 12-step meetings and medical care at little to no cost.

If they're willing to follow our instructions, we have a great success rate, Wisenbaker said.

On minimum-wage jobs, clients help to keep the lights on, but Wisenbaker said they need help to put food on the table.

I'm on the front row, he said. I get to see daily miracles, but on the front row I also see tragedy.

Thanks to Wisenbaker and his team, many get a chance to get a job and their lives back.

Wisenbaker has applied for federal grants, but he mostly relies on fundraisers and private donors to keep his doors open.

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