We're about to experience a very good example of what makes politics and politicians so disliked. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Upfront, let me say it clearly, New York Congressman Charles Rangel needs to go, to step down and avoid the nasty spectacle of a public trial on ethics charges.

After months of investigating and negotiating, Rangel faces 13 counts of ethics and federal law violations. In September, Congress will try him for, among other things, not reporting ten years of income on vacation property in the Dominican Republic and accepting rent stabilized apartments in his native Harlem.

Until recently, the congressman said he looked forward to explaining it all. Now, there's talk of a deal.

It's hard to imagine a 40-year veteran congressman, once the head of the House committee that dealt with taxes, had problems figuring out what he owed for income property.

Go online or look at today's paper, see for yourself the allegations laid out against the congressman. This didn't happen overnight, so it is no rush to judgment to ask that he leave now. Particularly in light of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's promise a few years ago to drain the swamp of a culture of corruption. She was right then and now, and a 120 year before her so was Britain's Lord Acton when he wrote Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This case should not be about the election in November, although it is to those who put politics before principle. Frankly, we should want them all gone - Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent - anybody who does not at least try to maintain some kind of standard of integrity.

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