it takes only 2 days in san antonio to realize what a waste of time training camp has become - not just for the cowboys - but all nfl teams now

the combination of a 16 game schedule - a salary cap - the limit on players a team can have available means the old days of actually practicing in camp are long gone

cowboys owner jerry jones said it at his opening press conference - the goal of this camp is to be healthy in september ... that's quite a goal --

now they have bigger goals - and have every reason to think the super bowl is a valid one this year - but for now .... the goal is to stay healthy - and that means ... no pads on day 1 ... no hitting on day 2 or any other day ... pass routes with very little defense ... and thousands of fans cheering every completed pass

i'm just not 1 of 'em .... a couple of weeks tops to tweak a thing or 2 and let's play the games that count

wake me in september

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