ALLEN - Frisco city council members decided on Monday against putting the future of the Collin County Arts Hall back in the hands of voters.

A proposal would've asked voters to reconsider bonds they approved in 2002, bonds to build the arts hall.The project still faces an uncertain future that could affect other communities.

Allen homeowners, who live across the street from the arts hall site, say all the uncertainty surrounding the project has leftthem frustrated.

The value of our homes really depends on whether we can sell based on a fine arts district, or if it's going to be residential, or if it's going to be vacant for a long time, said Sara Warner, who lives across the street from the site.

Recent bids to build the Arts of Collin County are estimated at $69 million.That's $17 million less than estimates one year ago.

If the decision is we can't do it right now, then my job keeps going on to get more donors and raise more money and hope that the cost doesn't go up that much, said Mike Simpson, executive director of the Arts of Collin County.

Frisco council members vowed not to sell any bonds this year during a down economy.They feared it would raise taxes. That forced a debate on whether to ask voters to reconsider their approval of the arts hall bonds.

At least two council members said they believe the bond request should go back to the voters but the council decided not to take any action.

What we said was, this was never a race.It was always to do a quality project and doing it at the right time, said Frisco mayor Maher Maso.

But for Allen residents counting on the project, the time couldn't come soon enough.

We know that there's been a lot of struggling with financing and meeting the goal.We all know that.But we all want to see it go through because it would be a good thing, said Marcia Macias.

The Arts of Collin County is by no means dead.But now, the biggest question is when will the three cities involved:Frisco, Plano and Allen, feel comfortable selling bonds that voters approved to actually start building it?

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