Frisco Wakeland's first ever trip to the final four in Austin is about more than just basketball. We've put a whole new definition to family and team, says head coach Darilyn Krempin. As a coach, I've always preached family.

Indescribable, says guard Haley Texada.

Virtually every team that plays well and makes it to the state tournament claims they have a special bond that they play like a family. Well at Frisco Wakeland, they really are family. Of the five starters, four include two pair of sisters. On top of that, all four roomed together for a while.

It's made this experience even more special, says Krempin. We literally are family here. Six kids out of my 12 on my roster that are sisters or cousins or live under the same roof.

Which is a statement that is hard to argue with since seniors Jasmine Patterson and Jackie Patterson are twin sisters.

We have this twin telepathy, says Jasmine. We know where we're at on the court. Sometimes we get down on each other but then again she's there to help me out.

We have a closer bond because we're like the same person, says Jackie. I know where she is on the court. I know what kind of pass I've got to give her. It's like, that's good.

But they re not the only sister combination on the team. Kindall Texada and Haley Texada are sisters as well. It turns out; all four roomed together for a while.

It was a good experience to live together, says Haley. It brought us way closer, we're more like a family and I think that also helped us on the court too.

Since we are so close and have that bond, everybody knows what everybody's strength is and everybody's weaknesses so we can work with each other on that which makes our team a whole lot stronger, says Kindall. I think that' s on our side, having such a close bond and just being so close together we can go down there and do what we need to do and everything will be alright.

Of course there are times when things aren't always that smooth. We go through ups and downs, says Krempin. There are times in practice where we've had to split them up because we thought a fist fight was going to break out, but that's sisters. I have a sister. It happens.

We fuss and fight but at the end of the day, we love each other and we're teammates and we're sisters when we go home, says Kindall.
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