DALLAS- It's hard for thestudents atDallas' Harry Stone Montessori to run out of fun things to do after school.

Their YMCA program is based at their school and is a big hit. The kids have fun in the gym and in the classroom.

Taylor Weddington, 11,likes the fact that she gets to stay at school once the bell rings. My mom drops me off here and she can pick me up here. I don't have to ride the bus anywhere, she's not looking around [saying] 'where's Taylor?' She can come to school and I'm always in the cafeteria or the gym, said the fifth grader.

Idris Haroon is the Y's senior program director and runs the program. He saysbeing on campus is a win-win.

It really allows us to strengthen our relationship with school and the principal and the students as well. I think us being here on site is a lot safer becomes some parents feel transporting kids off campus is, could be a little risky, he said.

Hank Lawson is one of those parents and appreciates what this program offers. There's a lot of homework that they have to do and this gives them a chance tostop here and get a head start on that. There's a very caring program staff here, they help you with that, he said.


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