ARLINGTON-- There are 67 games left in a season that can't end soon enough. On June 16, the Texas Rangers beat Oakland 14-8, giving them a 35-35 record.A month and a day later, they're the worst team in baseball.

It's been a free fall for what has been such a consistently good team the last few years. The Rangers and Tampa Bay are the only two teams in Major League Baseball to win at least 90 games each of the last four years. This year, Texas is projected to finish with 64 wins, which -- if every other team plays to its projected number of wins -- would be the fewest in baseball.

The 'what' has been clear for the last month - that this team is struggling. The 'why' is just as clear: injuries. A graphic shows which teams have the most games missed by injured players, before the all-star break, in the last 30 years, and the Rangers have the most by far -- with 1,213. But this is worth remembering: the second team on this list, the 2012 Boston Red Sox, won the World Series the next year.

This current losing stretch has been as bad as it's ever been in Texas. In the last month, they've lost 8 games in a row, twice. They hadn't lost 8 in a row since 2005.

Add it all up, and since June 17th, the Rangers are 3-22. It's tied for the worst 25-game stretch in the history of the Texas Rangers, since the franchise moved here in 1972.

During this stretch, they've scored 88 runs, and allowed 162.

And when they were 35-35, they were 7 games behind Oakland for first place in the West. Now, they're 21 games behind, with the worst record in baseball.


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