DALLAS 'Nelson, what are you doing? Is that your bone?' asks Genesis Lee to her adventurous dog Nelson.

It doesn't take long to figure out Nelson.

'He gets so upset when he knocks something over, but it's not his fault,' Lee said.

He hasn't quite grown in to his dog body yet.

But, Nelson is the picture of grace when his parents, Genesis Lee and James Butler, put him in his element. It's not a walk. Where Nelson loves to go, he needs goggles.

When he catches the elevator down to the garage, he knows it's time to ride

Butler, while completing his final year of fellowship in medical genetics and a sub-specialty of pediatrics, primarily ride scooters. Just ask his fiance.

'Our first date was on a Vespa,' Butler said.

It's obvious that if you want to be a part of James, you have to have the wind in your fur.

'For him to hangout with us, it had to be in a Vespa,' he said.

It's all Nelson knows, and now everybody else does.

'He's the biggest thing on Instagram right now,' Butler said.

'We first put him on Instagram just for us,' Butler said. 'Then it got bigger than us.'

Nelson has thousands of followers, not just on Instagram, but on the open road.

The couple says people yell out Nelson's name when they see him ride by.

You can't get Nelson in a car, but the sidecar is another story.


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