PLANO A plea deal made Monday with the Plano man accused of attempting to blow up a natural gas line surprised many, including prosecutors.

Prosecutors say Anson Chi wanted his trial televised so he could present his anti-technology and anti-government views. He fired his legal team and chose to represent himself.

But, Monday night, Chi and prosecutors reached a deal. The 35-year-old man pleaded guilty to two counts in his criminal case in exchange for two others charges being dropped. He admitted to using a homemade bomb in June of 2012 in an attempt to blow up a gas line in Plano.

Assistant U.S. attorney Andrew Stolver says he's happy with the turn of events.

'Yes, we would call him an environmental terrorist based on the ideology he had,' he said. 'A student of Ted Kaczynski, he really read that. He adopted that. His belief was that once you bring down the infrastructure related to supporting society as it is then by natural attrition people will start dying off and then the earth becomes self supportive of itself.'

Chi faces a maximum of 30 years behind bars. He's currently being held at a jail in Fannin County.

The sentencing phase of the case is expected to take place in about six months. Chi will represent himself.

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