PLANO-- Jury selection for the trial of a man accused of trying to blow up a Plano natural gas pipeline began onMonday.

Anson Chi is representing himself and has already submitted seven pages of handwritten questions he wants asked of prospective jurors.

The questions include, 'With gorilla gone, will there be hope for mankind?' and'Are you a vegetarian or vegan?'

Monday morning the judge said he won't ask several of the questions because they are 'irrelevant.'

Chi was arrested inJune 2012, accused of trying to blow up a gas pipeline in a residential area of Plano. He now faces four charges, including attempting to destroy the gas line and using an improvised explosive device.

InJune 2013, Chi pleaded guilty.InFebruary he withdrew his guilty plea, citing a technicality.

Fifty-five potential jurors are being questioned. In the end 12 will be chosen, as well as two alternates.

The trial is expected to begin onTuesday and run through next week.

Anson Chi Questions for Potential Jurors

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