DALLAS-- 7-Eleven's hometown is Dallas. The beauty of that is getting the chance at an exclusive first taste, weeks before anyone else in the country.

Not a Big Gulp with mustache straw -- it's the unveiling and the opportunity to experience Doritos Loaded.

Non-suspecting lunchtime customers filled their tank and watched a D.J. spin a dance version of Journey singing 'Don't Stop Believin.' Libby Smith and Megan Parks walked over from work.

'Pretty excited about it, haven't tried them yet,' Smith said.

'Doritos are my favorite snack, now they're just cheesier!' Parks added.

We asked Smith how she feels to be the first in the country to taste one of these and she said, 'I feel pretty important, pretty excited about it.'

Some people used the textured triangle filled with warm melted cheese as the subject of a selfie.

'You're getting a shot of the Dorito with the sign?'

'It's a shot focusing on the Dorito to get the 7-Eleven logo.'

Others posed with the food and a chaperone.

'Where is the photo going?'

'It's going to your e-mail.'

'Then what?'

On July 2, nationwide, you won't find them in a bag -- you'll find them in the hot foods case at 7-Eleven stores.

'Match made in heaven. Marry the two together. How is it just now coming out? I don't know.'

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