HILL COUNTY An executive of the Lake Whitney subdivision where a home is dangling from a cliff says his company learned of cracks on the property from the homeowner this past April.

The home with an appraised value of more than $700,000 was built in 2008. Stack Bowers, vice president of Double Diamond Incorporated, said he never expected this home to inch off a cliff. His company developed the White Bluff subdivision and the lot for this home.

Hill County records list the builder as Hillco Construction of Whitney, Texas. No one answered our any of our repeated calls to the company on Wednesday, nor was it possible to leave a message.

News 8 then searched for information on how this home was built, curious if there was ever any concern for how close it was to the edge of the cliff.

We learned that Hill County doesn't require building permits, and Double Diamond, Inc. said the proximity of the cliff never worried them.

'No, we didn't have any requirement as far as where they could build or not,' Bowers said.

The homeowners reported a stress crack running along the property line and under the house earlier this year. That's when they notified Double Diamond.

'The homeowner did have a geological study done I guess it was back in April and had an engineer look at it,' Bowers said. 'Of course, they advised them that they had to go ahead and move out.'

Which brings us to this week, and the harrowing wait for the home's next move.

At this point, neither the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the subdivision have any plans to try and stop the slide.

The Hill County Sheriff says it's possible the rest of the home could never fall into the water... or a heavy rain could bring it down within days or weeks.

We all will have to wait and see.


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