On the eve of Memorial Day, 8-year-old Nathan White started his march to 'Carry the Load' for three service members. Just after 6 a.m. Monday, he had already walked 16 miles.

But there was still more to go.

'My goal's 23,' Nathan said from Reverchon Park in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas.

It's Nathan's fourth year to honor service members.

'Memorial Day is a great day,' said Aaron White, Nathan's father. 'It's a day you should feel the pain for those veterans who have lost their lives. So, we come out here and make it hurt and we walk as far as we can and we carry more than we can and we have a great time doing it.'

It's something Aaron said his son has been doing half of his young life.

'He'll never understand the parties on Memorial Day, the hot dogs and the swimming pools,' Aaron said. 'He knows that he gets up and he walks as far as he can at Carry the Load and celebrates the day that way.'

The Carry the Load national relay started on April 29 in West Point, New York and traveled down to North Texas nearly a month later to end on Memorial Day in Dallas.

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