FORT WORTH The TCU baseball team spent their Memorial Day at a watch party to see what the NCAA baseball tournament had in store.

Gary Barnard from TCU's team 50 years ago was there.

'They have really been on a run here late in the year, and they're really playing well as a team,' he said.

A top eight seed would be historic. So when TCU landed a No. 7 seed, it marked the first time that the Horned Frogs received a national seed in the tournament. A national seed is awarded to the top eight teams.

  1. Oregon State (42-12)
  2. Florida (40-21)
  3. Virginia (44-13)
  4. Indiana (42-13)
  5. Florida State (43-15)
  6. Louisiana-Lafayette (53-7)
  7. TCU (42-15)
  8. LSU (44-14-1)

'I wish it guaranteed you a trip to Omaha,' TCU head coach Jim Schlossnagle said. 'It's a feather in your cap for sure.'

The best part about being one of the top eight seeds is that if they are successful, they get to play both the first round and the Super Regional at Lupton Stadium on the TCU campus. That means it is possible to advance to the College World Series without having to play a single game on the road.

'It's a huge advantage for us with the type of fans we have and the people we can get into our stadium,' said TCU first baseman Kevin Cron. 'It'll definitely be a fun, fun, weekend.'

'To be one of those top eight teams is a good feeling to know that you're going to be able to stay at home and stay in front of your crowd,' added TCU pitcher Preston Morrison.

'It's something like 68 or 70 percent of the teams in the College World Series are the teams that host the Super Regional's,' Schlossnagle said. 'It's definitely an advantage.'

TCU has been one of the hottest teams in college baseball, having won 27 of their last 30 games. Their overall record on the season is 42-15.

That record was earned despite a 15-12 start to the Horned Frogs' season. What made it even more special is that TCU did it by winning the school's first team title in the Big 12 Conference.

'Beating the Big 12 champs was awesome,' said TCU pitcher Brandon Finnegan. 'It was a good feeling. It was a very special feeling in the locker room afterward, but now we know there is more work to be done.'

Also coming to Fort Worth for first round games are Sam Houston State and Dallas Baptist. They'll play at 2:30 on Friday afternoon. TCU will host Siena Friday night at 7 o'clock.

TCU's last trip to the College World series in Omaha, Nebraska was in 2010.


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